Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Puyallup Fair

We had a great time taking the kids to the Puyallup fair. It's Washington's state fair, and it's actually the nations 8th largest. The rides were rickety, and the carnies were creepy, but to the kids it was as good as Disneyland!

Riding the tiger coaster

The kids had some serious expressions before starting the dragon coaster

Chloe's been wanting to have "real" cotton candy on a stick for a long time, and me too, I was glad to snag a bite

We stopped by the Chiquita Bananna booth for an adorable picture

and then they gave them bananna crowns and monkey's that scream when you throw them

bumper cars!!

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Mom's House said...

The kids look so cute! I think Cavan has grown taller.