Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Holiday Post

I would this the Christmas post, but really this post has every picture from our holiday season I'm sure. You might want to grab a snack and a drink for this one, it's very picture heavy!

Decorating the tree

Looking spiffy before church. Chloe is wearing a beautiful dress made by Grandma Suzy.

My handsome boys.

Santa came to our house!! The kids were so suprised! I got a very cute video which failed to upload, but I'm sure you can imagine the excitement.

We had just so happened to have some cookies freshly made when he showed up!

My little angel on Christmas Eve.

So excited she can hardly stand it!

There's our Bone.

He can't wait! Almost every single present of his had a little tear on the wrapping paper. He's such a stinker!

Making gingerbread cookies for santa with daddy.

I love Brock's Santa cookie.

Look who came!

Chloe woke us up at 4:50 am. We tried to resist but there was no way she was going back to bed!

Can you tell by this picture how painfully early it was?

Love that face. He's been practicing different tough guy "looks" lately.

Brock has always been anti-snuggie, so of course I had to get him one :)

That's all for now. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas!