Thursday, March 29, 2007

Photo Shoot!

We had a lovely visit from Tiffany and Tea! Chloe and Tea enjoy each other very much. They were giving each other hugs and kisses and occasionally Chloe shared her toys with Tea :) Tiff had a great idea of doing a photo shoot of Cavan, here are some of the pictures...

It's been a while...

So I lost the usb cord for my camera and havent been able to post pictures for a while. I finally found it wrapped around the base of my computer chair which makes me think Chloe had something to do with it. She's quite the typical 2 year old right now. She thinks she knows everything but she's still a sweetheart. So far Cavan seems to have a very mellow, laid-back personality. He's very sweet and cuddly and doesn't cry very much at all. We are certainly loving life with our newest edition. We just had Cavan's 2 month check up the other day. Wow! He is a big boy! He is 13.3 pounds which is in the 85% and he is in the 75% for length. He has almost doubled in weight in 2 months! Chloe on the other hand is only in the 10% and 50% for height. I think pretty soon he might be catching up to her!

I had been thinking that Cavan looked a lot like brock but I've started to notice in pictures how much he and Chloe look alike. Although Cavan will certainly have dark hair like Brock, and half of one of his eyes is turning brown which makes me think he will probably have brown eyes. I've posted pictures of Chloe and Cavan's "first smile caught on camera" pictures for comparison.

We are very excited to see everyone this Easter. Nick will be blessing Cavan for us which we are also looking forward to. There will certainly be a lot of babies this year!