Friday, June 17, 2011

Lot's of Pictures!

We are frequent visitors of the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, the kids love it!

This time they had really neat anamatronic (spelling?) dinosaurs that were really lifelike

Seeing the Star Wars movie props at the Pacific Science Center was really neat

Matt with his sidekick :)
I got to go with Chloe on a field trip to the "Point Defiance Zoo". This is Chloe's best buddy Jonathan.

So pretty!

We really enjoyed seeing Grandma Suzy, Uncle Ryan, Shane, Casey and their kids! They came during "Maple Valley Days" which was a fun little parade, rides and a car show.

Chloe is in love with horses right now

Here's some photo's of our Easter

Chloe got the role of "mama pig" in "the 3 Piggy Opera" at her school. It was too adorable. Unfortunately I can't get the video to upload!