Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Lake Tahoe camping trip

Brock and I had a great time camping at Emerald bay in Lake Tahoe. The weather and scenery were beautiful, there were no sounds of kids screaming, fighting and whining; just birds chirping and the wind in the tree's.

We mostly just relaxed around the camp, but we also did a nice hike along the shoreline of Emerald Bay which led to a Scandinavian style mansion from the 1920's called "Vikingsholm", we took a little tour there and then hiked back to camp.

We were just about to bite into our burgers for dinner when we had a bear visitor in the camp. We were alerted to the sound of people blowing air horns and turning on their car alarms to scare it away. He then came in our area and investigated each campsite around us. We actually watched the bear walk across the street then go through our neighbors campsite and get into their stuff (they weren't there). We investigated after he left and he had found some hot chocolate packets and tore them apart.

Overall camping was great and seeing the bear was scary, but really cool!

I wish I was more computer savvy! I cannot for the life of me get this slideshow of pictures to work. You can click "view all images" if you really want to see them ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some cute everyday moments

Here's Cavan thinking he's gotten away with sleeping in mom and dad's bed.

This is my attempt at some real photography, the roses in our backyard matched Chloes shirt perfectly, I had to try!

Chloe will be taking the summer off of ballet lessons, so I had to share some adorable pictures one last time before fall.

We picked out a new toy for Bone, and boy did he love it. Cavan was just relaxing and watching a cartoon on his beloved Cars couch when Bone went crazy on the sqeaking chicken. I don't think there's much Cavan dislikes more than when Bone tries to lay on his couch.