Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday Cavan!

Oh, it's so bittersweet! I am so excited to watch Cavan learn and grow big, but I am so sad that he's not my little baby anymore!

At two Cavan:

*likes to go potty himself, but mommy and daddy are the ones that haven't been quite ready to potty train

*really loves the movie Cars, toy trains, Blues Clues, fruit snacks, shoes (he's a little obsessive about always having his shoes on)

*loves to play his harmonica and dance

*loves to brush his teeth but he won't let us help him

*loves his big sister, they are hardly ever without each other

*he doesn't feel pain, seriously he will fall off the swing and land on his head, get up and keep playing without complaint

*even though he's a tough boy he's very sensitive. He loves to "huggle" all the time

*talks quite a bit. Some of the more popular phrases are "oww mama, Chloe hurt me", "Bone, get down!", "mmmm, I like it mama"


One year old

Two years old


Tiff, Cody & Maitéa said...

Happy Birthday Cavan!!! We were glad to spend part of it with you & can't believe how fast you're growing up!

KK ROCKS! said...

What a cutie!!!!!! Tell him cousin Kaitlin said Happy Birthday.