Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy, Busy

Well hello. We are finally checking in! I't been C.R.A.Z.Y busy around here! We moved into our house! The move was really fast and we got the whole inside of the house painted due to some awesome helpers. We love it, but we've had to do a lot of projects to get things fixed. I feel like I personally know most of the folks at home depot now!

I've been planning to take lots of before and after pics, but when were in the thick of it I never wanted to stop to take pictures. So soon I will post the "after" pics.

We moved in a week before Chloe started first grade. The first day she rode the bus the bus driver dropped her off at the wrong bus stop! I nearly had a panic attack when Chloe didn't get off the bus! The bus driver said Chloe had insisted that the wrong stop was her stop, poor thing doesn't know the new neighborhood yet. I dragged Cavan with me as I ran through the neighborhood to find her. Another mom had noticed her looking lost and upset and stayed with her thankfully.


This year I joined a Joy School for Cavan. So far he LOVES it! He also is doing soccer for the first time and he loves that as well. We had his first game on saturday and it was pouring rain. The poor kids stuck it out and played great.

One thing we love about our new neighborhood is the lake. Here's Tayler and the kids on our final days of summer.

Next time pictures of the house, I promise :)

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Mom's House said...

We're so happy you finally got to move in to your house! I can't believe the bus driver let Chloe off at the wrong stop,scary! Cavan looks so cut in his soccer clothes!Great pictures, the kids are growing too fast!