Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life has been pretty busy for us lately, there's no denying that. Brock and I work wednesday through sunday. I start work at 4 am until 12:30, I get home then Brock gets ready for work and he runs to do any estimates he has before going into work at 2:30, then he gets home after ten where he must promptly go to bed because the kids will be waking him up before 7. Then on our weekends Brock usually has both days filled with jobs and estimates.

Yep, it's busy. So on my weekend with the kids I try to have lot's of fun and get that quality time in.

We started our day at Chuck E Cheese's. Ten dollars in tokens really lasts forever there, good cheap fun for the kids!

Then we had a yummy lunch at The Olive Garden

Followed by the splash park, the ultimate in free kid fun. Even I can't resist my inner child screaming at me to run through the water with the kids.

Life may be busy, but it's so sweet!!

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Joanne said...

Cute pics! i love the bottom one...your kids have the sweetest smiles!