Thursday, August 14, 2008

These Monkies

Now instead of just fighting Brock for the computer I have to fight Chloe for the computer as well. She's learned how to play games on, and well she's a little obsessed. She's always asking to play, but lucky for me I have a new bargaining tool in my defenses! Now I know what to threaten to take away if she doesn't clean up her toys!

I was reading Casey's post about back to school and I have to admit I find myself less aprehensive and a little more excited for Chloe to start school in a couple years! These kids have some sort of competition thing going on which causes them to fight like crazy. Then they feed of of each others bad behaviour like it's the cool thing to do! But as much as they drive me crazy they make up for it by being so cute and sweet!

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Kurt Clayson said...

Cute pictures...enjoy every minute while they're small. Before you know it they're all grown up. :(